SBG Jiu-Jitsu and MMA Competitors Win Big in June

Both youth and adult SBG Jiu-Jitsu and MMA Competitors racked up more big wins this month!

First up we had a small team of youth competitors and a couple of adult competitors travel to Grappling Industries Boston on June 11th. As usual, the team performed exceptionally well, taking home a big new collection of medals (including a number of golds!).





Next up we had Chris Sniger representing SBG at Cage Titans Mixed Martial Arts event in Plymouth last weekend.

In a great performance, Chris stayed ahead on points in the first two rounds, then completely took over in round three, scoring another win by unanimous decision:

mixed martial arts classes wareham


Did you know that SBG East Coast was one again Voted #1 in Wareham for:

• Martial Arts
• Health Club/Yoga
• Weight Loss

And Voted #1 in the Region for both Martial Arts & Weight Loss?

The reason? Because our entire model is on helping students of all ages and experience levels (including brand-new beginners on day one) get the results they’re looking for!

To learn more about our Fast Start Trial & Orientation, call us today at 508.295.5427 or visit

SBG is Voted Best Martial Arts, Health & Fitness Center (Again!)

SBG is Voted Best Martial Arts, Health & Fitness Center (Again!)

Once again, SBG East Coast has been voted #1 in the area… And this time we’ve done it in not just in multiple categories in our town, but also won multiple categories for the entire region!

This time, the award comes from Wicked Local media’s Reader’s Choice Awards. 








SBG won #1 for being the best in the town (Wareham, MA) for three categories:
• Best Martial Arts
• Best Health Club/Yoga
• Beat Weight Loss
In addition, SBG won Regional Gold in two categories:
• Best Martial Arts
• Best Health Club/Yoga
This is not the first time that the academy has held such accolades. Prior to the Reader’s Choice Awards, SBG (or under its prior name, Nexus Martial Arts) was voted Best Health & Fitness Center in region in all 6 years of South Coast Today’s Gateway Favorites competition.
The crazy part about that story is that the academy was not even on the ballot the first two years – it won the first two times as a write-in!
Well, that’s great for SBG, but what does this mean for you?
The answer is pretty simple…
And it’s the reason why we continue to be voted #1 even with all the big health clubs and rec centers around: our members get results!
At SBG, you are not just a valued “customer” – you are part of a supportive Tribe with a proven process for helping you reach your goals. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that we are world class at helping people of all ages to exceed their goals.
And that goes for fitness and personal development as well as martial arts. What better way to improve yourself, get in shape – and stay in shape – than learning in a fun, dynamic, and challenging environment while you’re getting a great workout?
All you need to do is give us a call, set up an orientation, and see for yourself what makes SBG #1.
Call 5o8-295-5427 to get started today !





Huge Night of Jiu-Jitsu Promotions At SBG!

Huge Night of Jiu-Jitsu Promotions At SBG!

Last night was a big one for SBG.

We are known for our high standards of technical performance when it comes to awarding Jiu-Jitsu belts – so having not one or two, but nine students promoted in one night was a first for the Straight Blast Gym East Coast tribe.

Congratulations to:

Mike Bromberg – Brown Belt
Anick Bernier – Brown Belt
Tiffiney Barlow – Purple Belt
Pete Luciani – Purple Belt
Kasey Botelho – Purple Belt
Jeff Joy – Blue Belt
Elijah Thomas – Blue Belt
Tyler Menard – Blue Belt
Riley Reed – Blue Belt

SBG East Coast

Although having 9 promotions in one night may seem unremarkable if you’re not familiar with our tradition for promotions, a look into our “ironman” format will quickly show what a special occasion this is.

The ironman is unique to SBG; it involves everyone from the school gathering together, from white belt through black belt, and having the student-to-be-promoted roll (the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu term for sparring) with each of them.

It is challenging and often exhausting ritual, but is never to be confused with hazing. Instead, it is a celebration of the solidarity that brought the new promotee to that level:

“No one becomes proficient in what we do alone on an island. It takes a Tribe…

Those who are lower ranked than you allow you to work on new things during rolling because you can dictate the pace and control where it goes. Your peers push you daily in back-and-forth exchanges of skill and adaptations. And the upper belts force you to improve your defense.

The ironman closes that loop, symbolically and physically, as a culmination of that process on the day you get promoted. It’s a hugely positive and unifying experience.

It’s also an event that anyone who develops the skill can do. In our organization, we’ve had students in the 60’s earn belts all the way up to black belt following an ironman.”

-Stephen Whittier, SBG East Coast Head Coach

And finally, some inspiring reflections last night from our new brown belts…

jiu jitsu warehamjiu jitsu wareham


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar With ‘The Godfather’

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar With ‘The Godfather’ of BJJ in New England: Roberto Maia

jiu jitsu seminar

This is a big year for the academy…

First, our world renowned organization, Straight Blast Gym International, just celebrated its 25th Anniversary right on the heels of our most famous athlete (who also happens to be the most famous professional fighter in the world), Conor McGregor, becoming the first UFC champion to ever hold two  world titles simultaneously.

Second, it is also the 1oth anniversary of the SBG East Coast full-time academy here in Wareham, MA (originally named Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness – SBG East Coast Regional Headquarters before taking the name Straight Blast Gym East Coast).

And there is no dispute that a massive part of our history and success lies in the fact that a certain Brazilian named Roberto Maia, who received his black belt directly from Carlos Gracie Jr. in 1986 – 6 years before the very first UFC (and Royce Gracie’s debut, which put Gracie/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the map) – settled in Massachusetts and became the first to introduce authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) to New England.

After founding Boston Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1995 at the urging of his cousin Renzo Gracie, one of the most famous of the ground-breaking martial arts family of that name, Roberto became affectionately known as The Godfather of BJJ in New England.

Roberto’s warm nature and highly technical approach to the art attracted a group of students that tended to be more professional and devoted to the practice of the art instead of ‘wanna-be’ fighter types, and in turn that positive environment attracted more and more like-minded students over the years. The results began to show, as the academy has continued to produce many influential instructors as well as high profile athletes like 3-time UFC title contender, Kenny Florian.

In 2006, SBG East Coast Director and academy founder, Stephen Whittier, became on of Roberto’s first 10 students to earn the rank of black belt – a major milestone in his life.

“I will never forget the first day I walked into Boston BJJ,” says Coach Steve. “I’ll be forever thankful for Roberto and all my training partners there. Although I had a considerable amount of martial arts experience and was already an instructor in other arts, I had been extremely interested in learning Jiu Jitsu for years and was going to be starting as a beginner. After my first few classes I was hooked. I felt how effective BJJ was, and knew my instincts had been right – I had to learn this art. After that day, Boston BJJ became a second home to me for years.”

Roberto Maia, the Godfather, will be conducting a Jiu Jitsu seminar at SBG on Saturday, Jan. 14th 2017.

For more information, call the academy at 508-295-5427. And be sure to visit our Jiu Jitsu page at

jiu jitsu seminarjiu jitsu seminar


Conor McGregor UFC 205: The Greatest Achievement in MMA History

Conor McGregor UFC 205: The Greatest Achievement in MMA History

Conor mcgregor ufc 205

At Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor UFC 205, Conor McGregor cemented his place in history as greatest martial artist of our era (and the most popular figure in all of combat sports) by becoming the first athlete to ever simultaneously hold two world championship belts.

And as easy as it would be to say “and the King just so happens to be from SBG,” it’s no accident.

True, Conor is a world class athlete who approaches his training with an equal measure of discipline to match his athleticism. But he is a just one among a growing pool of world class athletes in the highly competitive world of the UFC.

As those of us in SBG know, there is more to it than that.

Conor is a special athlete, but he is also a product of his training and environment – an exemplar of the unique training methods and philosophy that defines SBG as an organization.

Time and time again, he has been questioned by other fighters and trainers… While Conor has maintained complete loyalty and confidence in his camp, his coach, and his training partners, others have continued to be dismissive. While he has been critical of fighters who jump from camp to camp looking for some magic bullet to take them to the next level, others have ridiculed him for keeping his training circles tight.

And yet, the evidence is undeniable. No one has ever accomplished what he has accomplished….

He stormed on the mainstream MMA scene when he entered the UFC just a a few years ago. He had already won the featherweight and lightweight world titles in the UK’s Cage Warriors promotion, but after a fight of the night worthy performance against Marcus Brimage his UFC debut, the world took notice.

Like Babe Ruth famously pointing his bat to the area of the field he was about to hit his home run, Conor frustrated and mystified the UFC lightweight roster by predicting how he would dismantle all the opponents in front of him and eventually take the title from arguably the #1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, the undefeated UFC champion Jose Aldo.

And that’s exactly what he did… taking on anyone in the division, overcoming serious knee injuries and multiple opponent changes, until he finally defeated Aldo in just 13 seconds earlier this year to become the undisputed Featherweight World Champion.

And this past Saturday, he made his debut at 155 to take on the current champion, Eddie Alvarez, who many thought would walk simple through him. And Conor barely broke a sweat as he easily dismantled Alvarez and scored a 2nd round knockout.

And with that victory, he surpassed legends like Randy Couture and B.J. Penn, both of whom held belts in two different divisions – but only Conor has held both titles at the same time.

And meanwhile, he has broken every record in the books, from fastest championship knockout to gate and pay-per-view records, fighter pay, and more.

In the end, even his biggest critics have had to recognize his indisputable greatness and skill. They have finally had to realize that he when he said SBG’s approach to martial arts is different, he meant it. And he was right.

The proof is in the pudding!

conor mcgregor ufc 205

Conor McGregor UFC 205 – two belt champ!

Interested in joining the SBG family and learning the intelligent training methods that made Conor the greatest of our time? Call us today at 508-295-5427 to schedule your free orientation and introductory private lesson.

SBG International Fall Camp Review

SBG Fall Camp Review

Twice a year we gather for our international training camps and bring together students from all over the country and the world together with the single greatest group of martial arts coaches on the planet to train, learn, and grow as human beings.

This year we spent last weekend at SBG NorCal in Berkeley, CA (hosted by Alan & Lily Pagle) for the 2016 Fall Camp.

As always, the coaching staff of SBG tries to make each camp surpass the last one. And once again, I’m happy to report “mission accomplished”!

The material taught at this camp clearly showed that we are on the cutting edge… As an organization, we have gone far beyond the common mode of having instructors come in and just teach techniques.

SBG students get that, of course. And they get a lot of high percentage technique rather than skills that may impress but are not suited to everyone’s body or style. Much more important, however, is the fact that they are getting a complete epistemology – as SBG President explains, the WHY, not just the HOW.

And when it comes to explaining the fundamental principles that make all technique work so that students can achieve optimal personal freedom in their games and get better faster, no one does it better!

Here are some pics of the trip…

The Tribe:

sbg fall camp 2016My teaching section on Jiu-Jitsu escapes from bottom using a single concept to create maximum leverage and minimal effort:

jiu jitsu training

bjj classes wareham

As always, a hallmark of SBG’s training methods is the ability to train everyone from young children to older men and women hobbyists and even world champions functional, healthy martial arts:

straight blast gym east coast

self defense classes

Me and the “Prez”, Straight Blast Gym International founder & president Matt Thornton:

martial arts wareham

Left to right: Adam Singer (coach of former UFC Champ, Forrest Griffin and former WEC Champ, Brian Bowles); me; John Frankl (my fellow Roberto Maia black belt and founder of BJJ in Korea), and SBG Portland coach Rick Davison.

sbg east coast












Black Belts! Me with SBG Alabama’s Chris Conolley, SBG Buford (Georgia)’s Phillipe Gentry, and John.

sbg east coat











And finally, I even had our own coach John Murphy, my first Jiu-Jitsu black belt, teach a class the first night of camp. So awesome to watch!

Jiu jitsu classes










SBG Youth Anti-Bullying Seminar

SBG Youth Anti-Bullying Seminar 

anti-bullying wareham






From the Wareham Courier:

WAREHAM – A prevalent problem today in American society was addressed Saturday morning in a comprehensive and non-violent fashion in Wareham.


Stephen Whitter, founder and owner of Straight Blast Gym East Coast (formerly known as Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness) delivered a pragmatic 90-minute “Bully Buster Bootcamp” at his Kendrick Road facility to a small group of parents and children of at least 5 years old. Largely using youngsters who attend his school, he demonstrated eye-opening strategies and techniques to combat bullying, which he claimed has been rife for centuries, but whose physical and psychological impacts have only been illuminated in recent times.


For full article, visit:



Free Bullying Prevention Workshop This Saturday

Help stop bullying! Join us at SBG East Coast this Saturday, Sept. 24th at 10:00 a.m. for our FREE Bully Buster Bootcamp!

This event is open to parents and kids (ages 5 & up), and is intended to:

-Help parents understand what constitutes bullying, and how to identify the signs that their child may be experiencing bullying behavior.

-Provide kids with non-violent strategies to responsibly deal with bullies – whether that means psychological bullying, cyber-bullying, or the threat of physical bullying.

Your child will learn and practice our proven tips to “Walk Away With Confidence!”

-Also provide kids with proven strategies and techniques to protect themselves if they are physically bullied – and do it without getting into a “fight.” Our approach is in keeping with school “zero tolerance” policies, and our youth students who have been forced to use these strategies in extreme situations have not gotten into trouble with school administration.

This is NOT “karate”… it actually works and it doesn’t require your child to strike an aggressor – only to confidently protect themselves and control the bully.

-And teach your child how to be a Bully Proof leader – not a follower!

Check out our video about the event here:

And you can also check out this story about the seminar from Wicked Local:

The seminar will be led by internationally respected instructor and child safety expert, Stephen Whittier, according to a press release. Whittier is a former university educator and current member of the Wareham elementary school council.


Over the last decade he and his staff have conducted bully prevention programming and school talks for multiple South Coast school systems as well as for the P.A.C.E. Child Care Works program. He has recently appeared on the Fox 25 TV Morning Show to discuss non-violent anti-bullying strategies for kids.


Read more here:


To register, call 508-295-5427 or visit

For more information about our multiple award-winning anti bullying and youth martial arts & leadership programs, visit us at

SBG’s MMA & Jiu Jitsu Competitions Teams Go Undefeated!

SBG’s MMA and Jiu Jitsu Competitions Teams Go Undefeated Saturday!

Congratulations to our adult competition team members who went undefeated this past Saturday in both MMA and Jiu Jitsu!

First up, several members of the team, led by SBG instructor Mike Bromberg, traveled up to Danvers, MA to compete in the Tap Out Cancer Jiu-Jitsu tournament – a popular competition for a great cause.

First up, Mike won the purple belt division with wins by submission and one 12-0 points victory:

bjj classes wareham


He was later joined at the top podium by Jeff Joy and first time competitor, Elijah Thomas:

sbg jiu jitsu


Mike and fellow youth instructor, Brandin DeSousa, also coached the SBG kids team, which finished off the day with a medal for each youth competitor winning either gold or silver:

kids martial arts

Brendan Tremblay
Liko Rhines
Patrick Klemp
Cam Morgan
Lilia Lopez de Moral
Dennis Dye
Michael Nephew


And next, it was onto Mixed Martial Arts, where SBG’s Chris Sniger put on a beautifully executed, dominant performance at Cage Titans in Plymouth, MA to defeat his opponent in the early minutes of the first round:

mixed martial arts wareham


Although we design our curriculums at SBG according to the goals of the student (which is why we have everyone from 4 year-old kids to adults in their 50s and 60s in our classes), and there is never any pressure to compete.

However, when we do compete, we do it well – with students and athletes winning in all areas, from Jiu Jitsu grappling competitions to Muay Thai kickboxing, and from amateur MMA all the way up to the UFC.

As always, each victory is a team effort… no martial artist becomes proficient by themselves. It takes a Tribe to reach your goals in what we do!

To learn more about our MMA and Jiu Jitsu programs at Straight Blast Gym East Coast, call us today for your trial and orientation: 508-295-5427.

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