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This Isn't Just Another "Health Club Bootcamp"!

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Bootcamp members with trainer extraordinaire, James Simmons

At SBG's Warrior Women Bootcamp, you will find a lot more than a typical fitness bootcamp...

You'll find an award-winning health & fitness program that will finally get you the results you want plus an amazing and supportive community of women who motivate each other to reach their goals!

Here are a few reasons our program has a mind-blowing 80%+ higher retention than the average health club nationwide...

  • A "women only" training environment
  • Personalized goal setting
  • Expert fitness instruction from top certified personal trainers
  • Easy-to-follow nutritional guidance
  • Fitness kickboxing, circuit training, weight training, bodyweight conditioning and more!
  • Goal-oriented atmosphere and support system
  • "Boredom Busting" workouts you'll look forward to
  • At home supplemental workout guides
  • Positive, results driven atmosphere for long-term success
  • Proven to burn fat, increase lean muscle tone, and provide killer cardiovascular conditioning!
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Marybeth Kiernan

I absolutely LOVE Warrior Woman Bootcamp! Thank you James Simmons for all of your training. 3 years ago I struggled on my first hike at Blue Hills. Now...Mount Washington 2 years in a row. You're the best!"*

Not Only Will You Get The Fitness Results You Want, You'll Be Part Of A One-Of-A-Kind, Supportive Community!

What Makes Warrior Woman Bootcamp Different?

It's true... we like to think our Warrior Women Bootcamp is pretty special.

And there's a reason for that.

From the beginning, we listened and looked closely at the reasons women were falling short of their goals with health clubs and other fitness programs. Then we built our program to do things differently!

Success Secret #1: Community Matters!

We are not one of those programs that's interested in having you join and not show up. We want you to get results, and that means wanting to be here!

The most important aspect of long-term health and fitness success is being part of something that makes you feel motivated, inspired, and supported. And we could not be prouder of the incredible "vibe" that defines our program....

At Warrior Woman Bootcamp, you'll be part of a warm and friendly group of like-minded women who are like a team – sincerely interested in helping their fellow bootcampers work together toward their common goals.

Success Secret #2: We Take The Boredom Out Of Working Out!

Nothing will bring your progress to a halt faster than boredom.

Our goal is to make working out:

1) Fun - with constantly varying training protocols that will challenge your body while keeping your mind fresh!

2) Functional - full body workouts that will turn up your metabolism to burn body fat, increase your cardiovascular capacity, and develop lean, muscle tone.

Success Secret #3: Stay Out of The Doctor's Office So You Can Stay In Class!

​A lot of women who have moved away from traditional, cookie-cutter health club exercise to popular functional training programs wind up trading boredom for another setback: injury!

Well, our goal is to keep you training and working toward your goals, not in the doctor's office. We give you the best of both worlds – "real world" exercise that works, but no crazy movements that will get you hurt.

Womens fitness bootcamp wareham

Lindsay Russo

Before Warrior Woman I was at this point where I kept trying to exercise and just failed miserably, and I just felt bad and weak. Then I heard about the program from my friend and thought it could be a good thing for me, so I came and tried it and absolutely love it!

I love that it's constantly changing and challenging. I get bored so easily and it really is dynamic and keeps me interested. It's also a group of supportive, wonderful people who have a lot of fun."*

Your Deserve To Make Time For Yourself For A Change!

We see it all the time...

Busy women with families, work, and other obligations that get in the habit of putting themselves last.... It seems like the selfless thing to do, but ask yourself: if you don't set aside time to focus on your own health, fitness, and stress relief, how will you sustain a quality of life that will allow you to be there for your loved ones?

As tough as it can seem to set aside even a few hours every week to focus on yourself, it's important to realize that making time to feel your best is actually one of the BEST things you can do if you really want to enjoy your family, your career, and your life's interests.

But as you know, "later" seldom comes. The time to take  action is now! We want to help, and you have absolutely no obligation and nothing to lose to check our our Warrior Woman program for yourself.

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